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Хроники Порты

ISTANBUL — More than eight decades ago, Ertugrul Osman, an heir to the Ottoman throne, was unceremoniously thrown out of Turkey with his family. He lived to be 97, spending most of his years in a modest Manhattan apartment above a bakery.

But in September, at his funeral in the garden of the majestic Sultanahmet Mosque here, thousands of mourners paid their respects, including government officials and celebrities. Some even kissed the hands of surviving dynasty members, who appeared shocked at the adulation.

«Нео-османская» Турция?

P.S. Похороны Эрторгула почему-то никак не прошли в СМИ и блогах.
Хотя для светско-евростремительной, кемализированной и деосманизированной Турции - примечательнейший факт...
Tags: Турция, история, политика

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